Episode 10

$250,000 in Cash

Episide 10  · $250,000 in Cash

While tips come pouring in and the police prepare their case, we provide an inside look at an active missing persons investigation, and the incredible amount of legwork necessary to follow every lead to its end. Until…the team chases down three important leads that promise to answer questions about the hours just before Elaine disappeared.


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Episode 5 - Die, Die, Die

Neil and the team discover never before seen details after missing data on Elaine’s iCloud is recovered. Who sent a series of text messages to Elaine just months before she disappeared reading “DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – and why?

Episode 6 - Broken Home

A visit to Elaine’s home raises new questions, doubts, and concerns. The investigation takes an uncomfortable turn as Neil and the team suspect a trail of deceit.

Episode 7 - Cadaver Dogs

Jayden brings in cadaver dogs to help determine whether or not Elaine returned home after leaving her ex-boyfriend’s house. Meanwhile, Elaine’s room is surprisingly seen on a website as available for rent.

Episode 8 - A Job for the Police

The results of the cadaver dog search are revealed, and a new development leads to an emergency meeting with the police.

Episode 9 - Contradictions & Coincidences

As a result of the cadaver dog search, the team meets with the police and presents some shocking new material.

Episode 11 - The Last 12 Hours

The last person to see Elaine before she disappeared finally speaks, after more than nine months. His story is not what the team expects.


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