Episode 1

Meet Elaine

What would you do if someone went missing in your neighborhood? When Elaine Park, a twenty-year-old college student with roles as an extra on ER and Crazy Stupid Love, disappeared in host Neil Strauss’s neighborhood of Malibu, California, he decided to use his experience as a reporter to help. Forming an unlikely team of investigators with his wife and concerned neighbors, they used all their resources to raise a reward, spread awareness, and ultimately investigate the parties that many believe were responsible. Elaine’s disappearance would mark the beginning of Neil’s journey down the rabbit hole of true crime investigation, the origin story behind To Live and Die in LA. Meet Elaine.

Chapter 1: Black Vans
Chapter 2: The Visit
Chapter 3: The Secrets


More Episodes

Episode 2 - I hope I don’t Die Tonight

Neil and the team jump into action, kicking off their investigation into the disappearance of twenty-year-old Elaine Park, whose car was found abandoned in Malibu, just minutes from their homes. 

Episode 3 - Fragments of a Crime

A very disturbing theory, involving several high-profile individuals, has been shared by Elaine’s mother and the private investigator to explain Elaine’s disappearance. Neil and the team track down first-hand witnesses and untangle a web of secrets to discover the truth.

Episode 4 - The Other Ex

A previous ex-boyfriend with a police record emerges, intimating violence and revealing a potential motive in the disappearance of Elaine Park. This new lead may be too dangerous for Neil and the team to take on alone.


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